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Tan TiPX Rig (F/S/T)

I have here a used one time Tan TiPX. Everything was purchased new and used once. The package comes with the following;

TiPX Package.jpg

Tan TiPX
Techt Ifit kit w/6 inserts
Techt Bad Karma Bolt
6 Tru Feed Mags
Remote kit
New Ninja straight Remote line (not included)
New 4oz Co2 Tank
New Parts Kit
Multicam thigh rig for 5 mags
Multicam Full Clip thigh holster (not included)
OD Green bag to fit gun, mags, tools, etc.
Original case, tools, manual, and everything as new.

VALUED AT $615.00

PRICE:$435.00 Shipped

CCM T2, Nice Phantom w/cash, Phenom, Classic Mag w/cash, Invert Mini


I am willing to part but the gun must be sold first then everything else is fair game.

Tan TiPX w/Remote Adapter, Parts Kit = $220
4 Tru-Feed = $50
Ifit Kit & Bad Karma Bolt = $160
Multicam thigh rig for 5 mags = $40.00
Co2 Tank = $15.00
Olive Case = $15.00

Thanks for looking.

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