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bounces I dont worry so much about - too easy to get into a he said she said when there is no paint at all

marker HITS when there is paint on the other hand - should count - end of story

Only reason marker hits didnt count before was to keep people in the game expending paint so that paint sales would go up

if you think about it - safety wise - if you want a no blind fire rule to stick - gun hits should count - there is NO REASON other than making people stay in and spray paint to not count gun hits.

just to make a point some folks when gun hits dont count will turn their banana boat hoppers to act as shields while others will use markers to block shots - such sillyness =P

back on topic tho

praying for a cool day, prepping for a hot day, looking forward to a fun day!

Thanks for the alley oop BigBtheBenji =)

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