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Picked up a Purple/Lime sponge SmartParts shoe box shocker from him. All went smoothly during the sales talks. I asked him for some more pictures of it too better see the condition. as this was the only picture provided in the thread. I also asked if everything in the picture was included, specifically the switch cover as well. I did not get the switch cover and the dye stickies were swapped for Smart part clear grips. But those are details in comparison..

This was the response I got back,

Originally Posted by goofy-fourwheeler-kid
Originally Posted by Falcone
Could you get some more pictures of it? showing dings/ scratches ect. I'll have to check the finances.
believe it or not, there are no dings or scratches. excellent condition. HOWEVER the bolt thumb screw thingy is marred from someone using channel locks to remove it. not on the splash anno though. it has been closet kept for years. just aired it up, shot well, lubed it up. looks new except for bolt cap and valve removal cap
So I felt at ease, he has very good feed back on all his forums. Gotta trust people with this whole internet dealing thing. I get the marker in a good amount of time, at least the shipping was good. But upon opening the box and unwrapping it hoping it survived the dangers shipping routes of the great USPS I find this..

Now, that's a little bit more serious then a few idiot marks on a bolt cap.. How this was over looked and failed to be mentioned in the for sale thread, as well as during our pm conversations. Even made refference as to how when they used tools on the back caps they did NOT scratch the anno and it was mint, but yet less then an inch away there are two huge gouges from a grinder and a bunch of small scratches from filing it smoother I guess.

Needless to say I wasn't too impressed, I still wished to keep the marker as asking for a full refund and sending it back and loosing on shipping twice just wasn't worth it. I asked for a partial refund and he obliged no questions asked and was very apologetic about over looking such a large defect in a "mint, no scratches" advertised marker.

Take this as you will, he corrected the situation to my satisfaction. Just beware and ask AND receive lots of pictures, so YOU can overlook the marker for yourself, so nothing gets overlooked like this again.
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