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Originally Posted by CNTRCTK77R View Post
yo yo!!! dont do the forums much but thanks for the input! I said it before the industry needs more industry.
we would love to do more in paintball as it needs to be.
there was a time of greatness and that has passed, as far as the "health and wealth" of paintball.
we have done alot of mistakes in the past and willing to learn and move forward.
been in the industry too long to stay out.
we will be slow and methodical.. like 10-man days.
Cool to see this thread. I just posted this gun with Hybrid grips up on FB:
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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
Contract Killer had some of the best stickers and T-shirts back in the day. ("My Daddy is a Ninja" was the BEST!)
Haha, that just means you forgot or never saw the "This Industry is Shady" stickers. You of all people would appreciate that one.

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