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Originally Posted by Greenmtnphantom View Post
I have yet to have a problem with my Halo TSA.

I feel old and slow.
Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
That's amazing. Mine exploded.
Originally Posted by Dr. VonDeafingson View Post
Do share how.
I had a TSA "backman" size

Got it on christmas, lid broke christmas night
Took 3 weeks to get a replacement lid from halo (nobody stocked that lid, and it was different than a halo lid, no speedfeeds yet)

Finally started to use it, every week a little more of the shell/feedneck would disintigrate

The very last day of its life, it was taped onto my ion, litterally loops of tape holding it to the barrel, breech, and triggerframe, i have a picture somewhere

Loved the idea on it
It performed great
But the thing was fragilé
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