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Originally Posted by russc View Post
It's really up to tournaments to set rules that establish ROF. WCPW, for example, is capping each player at 60 paintballs this year. A paint cap is a very, very easy way to even the playing field.

The same thing can be done in open-class pump days. If people want to stop the whole Rotor+68/45+AT thing, it can be done with a paint cap, even if it's by an honor system.

In open semi play, who least they're playing pump.
I have a Rotor, but mostly use my Proto Primo, I run a 68/4500 mainly because that is what's comfortable. I've tried a 13/3000 and didn't like it, I tried a 50/4500 and sa me thing, I didn't like it. it's not for having a massive amount of air, I still only shoot about 100 rounds a day. it's because that's what is comfortable. As for the A/T, I can't recall the last time if ever that I've put it to use.
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