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I think the point here is that why shoot 8 balls a second with A/T instead of using a mech. I don't personally care either way but If I play pump, its stock class. If I want to play open class with an A/T, I'd just as soon use a nice mech.
In terms of tourney players who are doing it to perfect certain skills, it's so they don't get butt-raped while trying. As much as you guys want to say, "Yeah, I go on the airball field with a stock class Phantom and own everyone" you need to realized that not everyone is cut out to do that. I would say that a large portion of the guys who go out and AT the crap out of everyone are tourney ballers who spend 95% of their playing time with an electro.

That being said, if that's how they're gonna play on the rec ball field, I would much rather get a couple extra hits at 7 bps than a whole bunch at 15 bps.
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I would also request common sense, but that's the most endangered species of all.

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