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Originally Posted by sugarstump View Post
I've used the prototype Spire at a tournament and it worked flawlessly. It was used on a DM10, Cocker, Excalibur and a Bob Long Victory. It was all covered in camo tape so no one would know I was using it, since it was still a secret at that time. I can't answer all the tech questions about it but I can say it was working better than all the Rotors around me. The Rotors were all jamming, not just a couple of them, but 95% of them (including mine). We think it was from the small bore paint. The Spire didn't jam once, it worked on every gun without an issue. The best way I can describe it is when a ball would jam the spire would 'jump' up and over the problem ball and reset itself in proper position (hence the need for the 'Spire' part). The flip lid is a little different in angle of position, but worked fine. It did NOT have a crown on it. The shells came apart easily, and are similar to the Rotor and the entire unit was super easy to take apart and clean if needed. The tall 'Spire' piece does NOT sit under the flip lid, it's farther in and doesn't get in the way of anything, loading or otherwise. I myself plan on using one, due to the fact that it was problem free, for both myself and a team mate who tried it (We wanted to see how it did with his BL Victory). I like the Rotor, but honestly the Spire worked better at this event. Right now the MSRP is set under that of the DYE Rotor, just fyi.
Thank you for sharing that. First hand loader experiences, especially for prototypes, are always appreciated.
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