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The "I have way to much stuff that I don't use so it's time to clean my room" sale.

So I have WAY to much stuff that I have absolutely no use for, and I really need to clean up my room. So, some closet and work desk specials are going up for grabs...

1. PayPal only
2. No trades
3. If none of this sales, it's all going in the trash (except for the guns obviously)

Spyder threaded 32* barrel and a Sterling barrel: $10 each


Homemade air cannon... I built this last summer I believe and put alot more money into it than I had originally planned. It was a project and I don't use it at all. Uses 12 grams as an air source. Has a VERY tiny leak where the 12 gram changer meets the coupler, doesn't affect performance. It's dirty from shooting plums out of it, I will clean it. AT LEAST 1 Nerf footall included. 12 gram changer included for an extra $15

Price: $45 shipped without 12 gram changer... I'm going to figure out how to ship this monster


Today I have for sale a Line SI Skirmish. I got it about 2 months ago and shot it the first time today (aside from test firing) and I didn't like it. It shot great while I was test firing it but it started leaking from the ASA later on in the day when I screwed in my HPA tank. Most likely my tank o-ring.

It's in great condition aside from some small set screw marks and a scratch on the tip of the barrel. It also has some pump rub under the pump handle, but that's covered up by the pump handle of course.

Price: I would like to get $80 OBO.


Sidekick Semi... I got this a few weeks ago and I don't see myself using it (I say that alot). Stock class feed adapter was epoxied on and broke off during shipping. Other than that, great condition. $50


That's it for now. PLEASE MAKE OFFERS!! I want these gone!

Post then PM please.
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