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Originally Posted by luke-AO View Post
Iíve done the conversion youíre talking about, but itís a HUGE amount of heat to put the body through. You have to weld in a patch where the factory hole is, do the clean up inside and out, then machine a new breach hole and weld on a new feed tube, clean up, etc.

The Minimag or the RT body is the WORST candidate; the longer bodies like to fold up like a bandanna under all the heat. Even using a TIG welder you will encounter a handful of problems that will need to be fixed. Iíve done literally 100ís of the Vert/Warp feed mods and pretty much know what you will experience doing one of these and advise against it.
Not sure if he's done others, but Luke's probably referring to the Classic RT I had him do a while back. It looks and works amazing, but I wouldn't put him through that kind of stress again! It was also mentioned that a Doc's adapter would help. It definitely would, but even with Luke's godlike skills, the adapter I use with the body is stuck in there, pretty much for good.

On the other hand, Luke's also done an offset left MM body for me as well, and it's actually REALLY comfy (I'm right-handed and it puts the hopper just far enough to the left to let me sight down the barrel a little higher than the true-vert. Feed rate is just fine too.

BTW, thanks again Luke for the amazing job! It's my pride 'n' joy!
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This is a no pants kind of party so you should be good.
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