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I think they mishandled their release to the public, big time. Yes, I understand that the fields will set their prices and that paint is normally $85 a case at PBE plus something like $25 for admission. However, for a new public release and what amounts to market research for them, a discounted price would have been the smart thing to do.

Personally, I am also concerned about the manner of the release. Sure, I am happy to see product released for us to use and review. However, I don't like the fact that their dealers haven't received samples yet and that they are releasing to an indoor field to start - after avoiding my questions about the weight of their ball on their Facebook page. Further, I don't think any media types have gotten their chance to review and comment on the paint either.

Seems to me they may be trying to gain a little positive spin from an indoor field where no one will notice their paint can be outdistanced by other paints available. Hope I am wrong...
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