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Originally Posted by Reloadro View Post
the bottom line is that when you are releasing a new product that is essentially untested and unseen, you need to be tying it in with a promotion that will allow people to try it at a discount. you're trying to convince people to switch over from another product. so unless theyre planning to charge $100/case normally, this doesnt make much sense to me. even still, if this stuff will be more expensive than a normal case - which is perfectly fine if the claims they have been making about performance, consistency, and shelf life hold true - then maybe instead of trying to sell cases, they should just give out a pod each to a bunch of people. the main goal is to get it into as many peoples' hands as possible and get them talking about it. take a loss at the event, but make sure that people leave raving about these new paintballs. let people think about the price AFTER they fall in love with the product.
Ding ding!

Reloadro's absolutely right, and that's the way just about any other new company worth their salt in the past few decades has done it.

This kind of reminds me of the "beta" testing for the Carmatech SAR-12... Pay full retail price for a beta version of a gun, by a new and completely unproven company, in exchange for a discount on upgrades that may or may not ever be released... Wait a minute, why am I paying to test YOUR product for you?

If they were genuinely confident in their product, they'd let it speak for itself, not sell it at damn-near Canadian pricing....
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