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Originally Posted by D3adpool View Post
Ill sniff around.... didnt realize there as a thread on it...

so no duration claims or "accuracy" claims or trajectory / distance claims.... just a size claim?
The shell is not gelatin, so not sensitive to heat or moisture, much longer storage life and consistent size since it is not shrunk to order, no dimpling

Accuracy should be better since the balls are round and consistent, depends on seam, did they say no seam ?

BUT, the quoted weight was lighter than a regular paintball, so range and breakablity at range is in question., That 's why people are suspicious of the test being indoor, no long range lobbing.

As others have said, if it is awesome then send people out a baggy of 100 for the cost of shipping, lot's of people try it and like it, yuotube videos and forum comments -viral marketing.

Fingers crossed.

At my main field which is FPO, you can buy different grades, $40 a case or $65. You can tell which is which when you get hit, the cheap stuff doesn't break well, I pay for the stuff that will break and I take less shots, some people like hosing lot's of paint to get the same effect.
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