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AGD Man Laws

The universal laws of any self respecting AGD toter.

1. Tom Kaye is King.

2. You shall not laugh out loud at those trying to prove their manliness by bragging about the weight or noise of their markers, no matter how loud, quiet, light or heavy they claim them to be. Laugh in your head.

3. Complaining about the efficiency of the Automag is punishable by having other AGD toters ridicule and laugh at you.

4. Anybody asking if your Automag is a; Ion, Shocker, Epiphany , Vibe or any other manner of marker made by Smart Parts is to be corrected. Vehemently. And then eliminated the next game.

5. If somebody tells you your mag is too; Heavy, Loud, Inaccurate, Inefficient, Ugly, Complicated or Slow is to be corrected. Correction shall take the form of a .68 caliber paint filled gelatin capsule striking their goggles in the general range of 225fps.

6. Should a ref perform a 'Ramping' or 'Full Auto' check on your mechanical or mechanical pneumatic mag, laugh and ask them to find your battery. If using an E-mag, make sure to flip your selector switch to mechanical.

7. If anybody Complains or argues about the lack of aftermarket 'ups' for the Automag, make sure to point out that there are ups out there, the only difference between the ups for the mag and those for whatever they're holding is that the ones for the mag actually *do* something.

8. Play fair, play clean and when they complain about being owned by an old, outdated gun, make sure to tell them where to get one

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