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Steve seems like a good guy to deal with, but I bought a MacDev Sonic Autococker and it was not as described and the photos were decieving. The marker has severe Anno wear in 6 places on the right side but the angle he used for the pictures made it look like a reflection. He stated that the marker "was just as it was when it left the factory" I doubt it left the factory looking like it did. I paid top dollar for this marker because I was led to believe it was mint.
I will add that he did offer to refund my money but I would be eating the shipping costs. I would have thought he should offer to cover shipping as it was his lack of judgement that caused this problem. The gun is still nice but not worth wnat I paid for it and I would be happy if he would have thrown me a few dollars to make it right but that doesn't seem to be happening.
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