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Originally Posted by Crossbow
So, if any of you read the "picking up a PMI-1" thead, you know that I... um... picked up a PMI-1.

If I wanted to rebarrel it, which I do, would I have to send it to Palmers?
There are *a lot* of airsmiths here that can do the work. Chplnstone, Stuffy, BrettG, Spydrman (I think that's the way he spells it), InfamousSmiley, plus a bunch more I know I missed

Originally Posted by Crossbow
I've seen a few pictures where users threaded their barrel tubes to accept aftermarket barrels. How do you get this done? And why have more people not done it?
An airsmith like BigOldSkool, BrettG/Jake, me or anyone else that can create a threaded breech would need to be contacted about building the appropriate pieces.

The reason more people have not done it, I would guess, is cost and looks. It ain't exactly cheap.

Originally Posted by Crossbow
A vert adapter... again, where do you get this done? Just Palmers?
See above list of people.

Originally Posted by Crossbow
And finally, what is the "best" bolt for these old guns? Do the Delrin bolts (speed demon, cooper T, etc) really do anything for them over stock?
Depending on the ID of the barrel, some/all of these can or can NOT be used. All stock bolts will not fit in the .678 barrel I have. A new bolt must be made.

The only "advantage" to any bolt over another, in my opinion, is personal preference. The bolts, such as the Speed Demon, have the detents to lock the bolt forward, so you do not have to hold the pump handle. Some of the CooperT bolts were "undershot", and vented the gas below center to try and achieve back spin for longer range. (I have seen some work, and others not, so I believe the technology to be unreliable.)

Originally Posted by Crossbow

No problems.


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