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Originally Posted by Maj Tom View Post
Okay just to get a current market value:

Mint Mayhem

Mayhem with a couple small scratches

Assault 80 (Seen CL one for $150 wondering if that's the current fair price)

Factory F/A with new stock barrel (including pictured AA barrel)

Phantom Kit

Rear Air adapter (Complete valve)
Drop out (Complete Valve)
VA (Complete Valve
Adjustable Stock
45 Frame
Stock Class Body
Euro Frame
14" Barrel
12g Changer (Not pictured)
Parts kit
3 ring sets
Last 2 mayhems i have bought have been in the 125.00- 140.00 range.. Assault 80s. i have no idea but i want one BAD!

Ebay, camocow200 (1300) + 100% positive feedback
darr_musi (330) + 100% Positive Feedback
MCB (350) + 100% positive feedback

Most asked question,
Q. Willing to trade?
A. Just say what you have and stop dicking around.
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