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WTS approx 3K points of warhammer 40k tyranids


2000-3000 point army lot for tyranids in war hammer 40k . Very few are painted most are primer black. All the bits and even some odd terrain junk would be included.
I have some pics now and video looking for 250$ shipped OBO emphasis on the OBO
I'd like to be rid of these.
Some of the figures have broken arms but the arm will still be included

1 flyrant
2 carnifex
1 biovore
1 lictor
1 broodlord
1 zoanthrope
1 mycetic spore
26 termagants
16 hormagaunts
46 genestealers. (I think there are more but they are already boxed up)
9 warriors with forge world wings
3 spore mines
Lots of bits
3 ripper swarms
If you want to talk email me.
PS3 network: Keebler1337
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