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Ninja reg quesions

Tank one: Ninja 45/45
Problem: fill nipple wouldn't reseal when I tried filling it on saturday. I took it off completely and the assembly looks fine (o-ring is dry, but not damaged). The o-ring pops in and out of place with minimal pressure. It worked 3 weeks ago just fine. The only change since then was screwing the nipple in further because it had a small leak around the threads. Could screwing it in too far have been a problem?

Tank two: pe 68/45 w/ 1000psi output ninja reg w/ dual o-rings at the top.
Problem one: the pin at the top sticks a mm or so past the top of the reg. This causes the tank air to flow before getting the tank on all the way. Can this be adjusted without filing the pin down? It worked fine, but last night I aired a gun using a sp quick on/off and upon unscrewing the tank the pin was stuck and didn't unstick until I lost about 500psi. I'm guessing the pin being too long, forced it to far back and it got stuck?

Problem two: man the front oring gets chewed almost every time I put it on a gun.

any help or suggestions?

I plan on getting one or two replacement nipples just in case, but wanted to know if I had caused the problem or not.
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