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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
Not anyone at RPS with any authority knows squat and not Draxxus either at least.
RPS wouldn't have sent a truck of uncured walmart junk in tournament boxes to the living legends game's THOUSANDS of customers, while sending a perfectly crafted truck of artisan quality paint to the hundreds at the NPPL field 150 YARDS AWAY if they did.
All we had to do was walk over there to see that we were getting the shaft on purpose. Alot of us did.
RPS sends subquality product to everyone except their favorites. So I left there saying if you want good paint and don't have their logo tattooed on your forehead, stay away from RPS!!!
If this paint works as advertised, if the managers aren't such knuckleheads they torpedo their own business before it starts and they're able to deliver product consistently it will sell unbelievably.

Yes, that's right. RPS sent us uncured poop.
I couldn't shoot 2 TPX mags without a break, we couldn't even find 2 in a bag with the E logo the same size on them. The guys at Draxxus owe them dinner, at least!

More consistent, accurate paint IS an unfilled niche market right now...
Because markers have been designed to put up with and cover up horrible crap with high volume.

If every paintball, or even most, goes where you aim it, you don't need to throw ropes down a lane for 5 minutes at $1 a second. You just wait for someone to try it, then shoot them.

I'll buy these and I bet I'll be in a line when I do!

I agree with what AgentSmith has said above. I was at LL5 and the Evil paint, and to a lesser extent, the Marbs they replaced it with was HORRIBLE! CPX was awesome as they took our unused Evil and replaced it with Marbs w/o questions. Great Customer service. My point is this; if CPX had not been SO good to me and my team, LL5 would have been Ruined! The paint was so bad my Phantom was breaking it on Friday night! My Mag would have been a blender. CPX saved our trip. The paint manufacturers ARE turning out crap. The best I have found in the past two years is Valken Redemption; hands down.
I was sincerely hoping HydroTec was going to be the answer to my paint woes. Now, however, I have to join in with others and call shenanigans on HydroTec! People have waited two years for your product and you release it on a weekday night and charge through the nose for it? Really? That is your intro to the paintball community? You release it to an indoor field with an indoor formula, that you had never talked about before? Really? What are you trying to hide, HydroTec? What design issue are you covering up? Why not put product into the hands of trusted industry reviewers, like Mike at TechPB, VisualReviews or Behind the Bunker? Shenanigans, I say...
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