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Automag and F4 Illustrator F/S - Cheap

I rarely play anymore, so I am selling off some of my extra markers. As a result, I am not interested in any trades. Both markers have been tested to hold air and dry-fire.

Automag - Right feed.

12” stainless barrel - excellent condition
.45 frame without trigger guard and with double trigger
Hogue grips – excellent condition
PMI sight rail
Large drop forward with macro line
Shocktech back half of valve
Front half of valve says “FIELD”
SN: CF37436
Extra barrel shown NOT included.

F4 Illustrator
Eurogrip with bottomline
Missing sight rail.
Weak trigger spring (hinders recocking, but this is a very easy fix. Pushing the trigger forward slightly allows for recocking)
Price: $35

Again, no trades, please. Prices include shipping in the U.S. I think the prices are fair. Not interested in haggling over a few dollars, unless you're buying several items. Paypal (preferred) or money orders accepted.

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