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Originally Posted by ta2maki View Post
That's a maybe. If volume on high end traditional paint drops. It's going to sit on the shelf longer, go stale, and shoot crappy as well.
My reasoning behind higher traditional paint price was due to a decrease in total production volume and not being able to salvage scrap materials in the form of low end paint.

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In regards to hydro tech I'm nervous that itl be the fields themselves who don't support this. I mean lets say 100 Is the introductory price and its actual msrp will be 80 a case. That's a lot to begin with and when fields ads their personal 25% mark up for fpo that makes it even more outragious I don't think the avg player will buy it at those prices the discerning player yes but not the majority. Fields know this and I don't think they will carry it
Everything appears to be pointing at Hydrotec prices equal to existing paint with much larger margins for field owners. Only thing to be concerned about is IF this stuff performs poorly and field owners switch over anyway due to the higher profits.

Originally Posted by brycelarson View Post
Given two exactly equal projectiles, yes, the denser one will perform better.
P.S. Don't run your tests on the potentially screened batch if it will be no quicker to test a batch purchased from a retailer.

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