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Originally Posted by P0E View Post
Everything appears to be pointing at Hydrotec prices equal to existing paint with much larger margins for field owners. Only thing to be concerned about is IF this stuff performs poorly and field owners switch over anyway due to the higher profits.
I'm interested to understand why people think fields will mark these up with higher margins. My experience has shown me that most field owners will usually drop prices in hopes of attracting customers from their competitors, who then also drop prices until we get to the lowest possible price. That's the way the Free Enterprise system works, doesn't it?

Hydrotech may have MAPs in place, but MAPs don't mean anything once a customer is at the place of business (field). The field can then sell at any price they want, as long as the price is not visible from public property (i.e. sidewalk or road).

What fields end up selling this for is all speculation for now, in my opinion.
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