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Originally Posted by fist_milsim View Post
You mean like Microsoft ? Yeah so they made a mistake, are fixing it free of charge HOWEVER old your egrip is ( like wayy past warranty ) and people still find ways to complain. COme on....of course they wont say it was an error..its bad business.

Thats just nick pickin'....
No one complaining here. I'm merely point out the lie.

There's no need to say "Hey we rushed this out the door and messed up".

Most companies simply say "We updated the software". In this way there's no need to admit to making a mistake.

On the other hand... "Performance enhancement" without actually enhancing performance is a lie.

Don't act like someone who purchased a defective product should feel honored the problem is finally getting fixed.... no matter HOW long it took after the warranty has expired.
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