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The common issues people have that will cause the Etek to leak from the solenoid area and what I would suggest...
- Swap out the #11 oring which is the most rear black oring on the rammer (see page 24 of the manual).
- Swap out the #9 oring which is the most forward oring on the rammer.
- Swap out the (2) 14x2 orings on the LPR body (see Figure 5.45 of page 28 of the manual).
- Make sure the LPR is assembled properly. There are 5 pieces inside the LPR body that need to be in the proper order. The adjuster screw is the most forward piece followed by the adjuster plunger, gold LPR spring, piston and lastly the second gold spring. Both gold springs are the same. The adjuster screw should always be in the stock flush position (see page 22 of the manual).
- While you have the LPR apart, inspect the LPR piston regulator seat. It is the small delrin-like piece that is pressed into the skinny end of the piston shaft. It shouldnt be cracked or missing. If it is, you must replace the piston.
LPR Piston: Planet Eclipse LPR piston: EGO5/6/7/8/Etek/Etek2
- While you have the HPR apart, check the reg seat on the HPR piston. Same as the LPR, it will be pressed into the end of the shaft.
HPR Piston: Planet Eclipse Inline Regulator piston
- Have you ever taken the solenoid apart? If so, please let me know. You may have reassembled it improperly.
- The screws holding your grip in place have been WAY over-tightened. It is rare but I have seen it where they were so over-tightened that the two alignment tabs on the electro half have been broken off. When this happens the solenoid will not stay properly aligned.
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