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Originally Posted by monty View Post
Its kinda funny. it you go through the thread. when people complained emails were not answered, they were told to "just call". When vmails aren't returned, their told "just keep trying, hes real busy". Now we've come full circle and now we're supposed to assume that hes deluged in phone call and that the new email addy will be monitored regularly and can expect a prompt response. I kinda have to LOL at the situation.
That email address I posted is supposedly the one that he gets directly others handled by other people. He assured me every email will get a response. Scott, the one that should be dealing with most of this is going through a rough time with his wife having cancer and just this past week having surgery.

By the way: If I don't get my parts Ill let you guys know.. I spent over 3,000$ in an order to them and I am missing a few items.
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