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Originally Posted by Broch View Post
\There are only detents on one side of the marker, very odd.... ...While it is there, I think I may have the internals all upgraded. What would you all say to do? RT valve, Board, any other ideas??
Detents on one side is normal. Quad detents were added to correct feeding/chopping issues. You really only need them if you have problems. I don't have, and don't need them on mine.
The RT valve is a trade off. You sacrifice reliability for smoothness. Not to say that the RT valve is unreliable, but I've already had to replace the o-rings on it(I got mine when they first came out), something unheard of for a viking. I'd really only recommend if you can tech your own gun or just need to have the best performance at all costs. It's a tiny difference.

Oh, and get a volumizer, the gun looks lopsided without one.
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