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i'm home

so, i'm home after a 5 day stay in the cardiac wing of the Hospital. They removed my Pace maker, as the leads on it had the Staph B virus on them. So I have 1 month of IV antibiotics via a PICC line, then 2 weeks after I'm off the antibiotics, by infectious disease specalist SHOULD give me a clean bill of health. They they schedule me for a re-implant of a new pacemaker. All told 6-8 weeks without a Pacemaker, then 2 months to recover from the surgery. So this years paintball is shot!

The problem is that without my pacemaker, i'm having trouble doing anything active for more than 5 minutes without wheezing and getting light headed, so these next 6-8 weeks are REALLY going to suck. I'm going to try to make it to the WWZ game with my friend driving, but i'd be able to sit and that's about it
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