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Originally Posted by foldadoom View Post
hang in there, is it for arythmia? or another condtion (if I can ask)

So the leads that they put in had Staph bacteria on them??? hum, that sounds like they didnt follow sterile technique, they only thing I would say is maybe get yourself screened for MRSA, as an MRSA infection would give you a very bad day.
I have the Pacemaker for Congestive Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy, both brought on by a severe case of pneumonia that I didn't treat for over 9 months (due to work's leave policies, more than 3 days in 3 months, you are FIRED, no excuses/notes).

They implanted it correctly, but I was exposed to Staph B, a common bug, some time later. However, the staph nested in the wire after traveling about in me and giving me septicemia back in April. Well, come last week I started to see the same symptoms, and had a resting pulse of 144. So back I went. After 3 days of testing, they confirmed the little buggers were on the wires. So out went the pacemaker, and it'll be 2 months until I can get one put back in.

To top it off, the doctor has ordered extreme resting for the first month while the Staph B is being treated with daily IV antibiotics, so I can only leave for things like doctor appointments, on full oxygen (5liters). After the 1st month, if I have a clean bill of health, I can do things like drive my car and go out to a movie, but nothing strenuous as my heart is under strain and has no backup in case I have a problem.

As things stand right now, just going from one room to another makes me have to sit and rest, and my conversations are in broken sentences as I try to mix getting enough air with talking.

being sick sucks!
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