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They make ac threaded barrels just no rifled ac threaded barrels monday I'll call.Hope they get away from the 683 haha!!
here's some math professor
Applying the math to a .683, 3.11g Tiberius Arms First Strike Round that Punkworks shot in a dual chrono test (I'll update this comment with a link to the data soon).

Testing conditions: 1k ft altitude, 70*f

I calculated the Ballistic Coefficient demonstrated for each shot and the average, corrected for standard environmental conditions (zero altitude, 70F) is:


I'm going to solve for the form factor here as it will come in handy when making predictions for other virtual First Strike rounds. Numbers rounded for readability. Final Number accurate to four decimal places.

.0162 = (0.0069lbs/.683^2) / i

.0162 = .0.0147 / i

i = .9070

Data and Graphics derived from exploitation (I use Chairgun Pro, software specifically designed for airgun ballistic calculations):

Note: All initial velocities are 300FPS.

Maximum Range: 178 Yards
Angle for Max Range: 32 Degrees
Terminal Energy: 1.388FtLb
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