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This will buff out...right?

Pics first, story after.

So I picked up this barrel locally. $50, I thought it was a pretty good deal for a Brass PPS AC barrel with single porting and freak bored! I put it on the S6 today and I could not miss! This thing shot laser tits extreme!!!!!!

Last game of the day (even decided before the game started.) Playing some air ball, I shoot out my opposite, then the next guy...and as I pump my gun and start looking for the last guy the barrel falls off!!

I thought it had just unscrewed. But when I looked down I can still see the insert sitting there...and the collar of the barrel is still screwed into the gun? WTF?!

yeah so...the barrel snapped off right after the collar. Really strange. I didn't bang it on anything or tork it in any way...I just pumped and POP, off it goes...

SO. Anyone think there is any chance at fixing it? Or am I just SOL?
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