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2 VL 100's + 1 VL 50 rnd pod + old school belt & pouches

2 ViewLoader 100 hoppers:
Both bodies are in excellent shape. One of the lids has bad hinges -- right side hinge is cracked, but complete. The other side's hinge has the top cracked off, but I have most of it if you want to try and glue or plastic weld it.

The back halves screw off as all old school VL's did.

1 VL 50 rnd pod = great shape, no scratches/ gouges

Old school belt & pouches = heavy duty leather backed camo front belt.
Has 4pouches that are sized to fit 50 round pods. They are also perfect size for cell phones or walkie talkies. They have a snap loop on the back, and a velcro closure on the front.
All in excellent condition with out paint stains, loose threads or velcro wear.

$60 shipped & 7 day money back guarantee (less shipping expenses)


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I hope everyone is having a great day!
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