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Well, I really want to make another one but I need another tsa to do it, so if you know anyone with one who would be willing to part with it, I'll do a how to.

The biggest problem is actually holding the bits of tsa shell to the sportshot while you're fibreglassing it together other than that, its mostly shaping the cured fibreglass which you don't really need a how to on.

I really wish I had more of an interest/experience working with electronics, as a from scratch build would look and work even better, although, I can complain, I've not had a single feed issue or been able to out shoot the hopper with either my t2, typhoon or empire sniper. Had about 10-15 cases put through it, onto my second set of batteries and have put a full hopper into it at about 5 meters and its held up to all the punishment I've been able to dish out. I did manage to break the catch on the battery door though
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