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Elbows ......

Anyone never made a feed elbows before.
Well I did and let me tell you ..... this was not easy.

First let me tell you why I had to make the elbows to begin with.
n2extreme1 ordered a Ditto Deuce.
He wanted Direct Feed in the Roundhead bodys but they were not available so we ordered off set stock class bodys.
We put my feed adapter to make it a direct feed style.
Well on the Roundhead bodys, the off set was not quite right.

As you can see that there not at a 45 deg off set. It would work as stock class but n2extreme1 wants direct feed.

So now I have to make new elbows which is the easiest way to fix the problem ...... so on to making a elbow. Stating with 2" delrin. Drill a few holes and done, right ?

Yeah right, what a pain in the @$$ ......

Enjoy Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
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