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WALZ K2, Extremely Customized Springfed

Well... I hate myself for having to do this but my college bill came in, 8,000 for a semester, not including books or my required computer etc. etc... So here they are. As for which I would like to sell, I really would prefer to only sell one if I can help it. I have TONS of money into these and I LOVE them to death, but I just simply can't afford keeping them...

My one "Rule" so to speak. If you purchase one or both of these and plan on selling them in the future, I get first crack at it. That is the gentleman's agreement.

K2 Rifle-900 Shipped and Insured in US
Would do partial trade+cash... Just spent 800 on books need to pay off the CC

Pistol- SOLD Shipped and Insured in US

They are set with springfeeds, custom stocks, enlarged ports (get about 30-35 shots of a 12gram), .680 SS barrels, I will let the pictures speak for themselves...

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