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I Joined the Navy.

Ok so i enlisted a few month ago and i have another fifty five days until RTC. (boot camp)

Heres my problem, everyone i know, and i do mean everyone, that graduated with me this year, has already enlisted and gone off to do their training already.
This means not only has my summer been amazingly boring, but i've also been unable to get anyone refered to my recruiters, so it looks like im going to boot camp as an E1, not an E2 or E3.
The mandatory waiting period between promotion from E1 to E2, and from E2 to E3, is nine months.
As far as a difference of pay, going in as a E1 instead of an E3 is pretty much the same as just giving away seven thousand dollars.

In order to go in as a higher rank, i need to refer people to the Navy recruiters. (For promotion E2, its two people who enlist, or one person who enlists and does into the nuke program, for promotion to E3 its four people who enlist, or two people who enlist into the nuke program.)

So my question is, not knowing anyone at all in my city of Killeen Texas, how do i get these referals?
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