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Originally Posted by Agglet View Post
I had no idea the military was so strapped for recruits that it bribes people to sucker in friends like you were selling Amway. I don't have advice I just thought the recruiting system was funny.
Easy killer. It's not as strapped as you think. Honestly their practices are no different than any other headhunter offering bonuses to recruits. Let's not let personal politics muddy the waters.

Guess what, if I refer folks i'd get $1k for sending them that way once they graduated basic training. I guess that would make me an Amway salesman? Come on.

Originally Posted by snaparen View Post
When I went in the Navy(many, many years ago) no matter what pay grade you are promised, everyone is a E1 through boot camp, everyone. You don't get the paygrade until you finish boot camp.
You get the pay, you just don't wear the rank until graduation. At least that's how the Army did it. Everyone is an E1 Private until grad day.

OP, congrats on the enlistment you're headed into an awesome chapter of your life. Trust me, its 100% what you make of it. You'll get out of it what you put in.

If you can't get the referrals don't sweat it. You'll make E4 in about the same time as your peers that go in as E3's if you do your job and don't become one of "those guys".

The pay difference won't be as bad as it seems if you're single and don't have many bills. Pretty much everything is taken care of for you (housing, food, clothing, etc)

Bootcamp isn't bad. If you're a bit of a couch potato the initial adjustment will have you a little sore but you'll adjust. Just stay low key for fewer probs. You don't want the drills to know you exist.

This is one time where you want to be average. Don't volunteer for anything, never come in last, and do exactly what you're told when asked. If you can do those three things you'll fly right through.

+1 on learning rank structure. Some other things that will help greatly are knowledge based things like military time, phonetic alphabet, and general orders. It won't hurt to givie yourself an edge in knowledge.

I'm an Army guy, but feel free to PM me if you have questions. I'll help where I can.
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