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A Sniper II with a Cooper-T grey delrin pump handle:

Cooper-T Sniper II pump handle.jpg

Now, I know Cooper-T made the grey ribbed handles, like the one pictured above and the other examples posted before - did he anodize standard Sheridan pump handles his signature red as well? I remember reading on here that he didn't do this, but could not find the thread. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about (one of an early, knurled style and one of the later, ribbed style):

A nickle-plated PMI LB with a Cooper-T back-bottle ASA and EZ Pull - note the pump handle:

Cooper-T PMI 1.jpg

This last one looks like two standard length pump handles glued together and maybe a Cooper-T trigger shoe? Not sure though, as a lot of companies made different color trigger shoes. It definitely completes the look though.

Cooper-T Pump Handle.jpg


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