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Exclamation Not Another Paracord Goods Sale Thread! 100% Made in the USA!

100% MADE IN USA Pre-Made and Custom Paracord Products!

Hey all,
I’ve decided to start selling some of the paracord items I’ve been making here in attempt to give back to the MCB community that has treated me so well over the years. Below are a bunch of pre-made items I have available for the time being, and I intend to offer custom products in the future. For the time being, take a look below, and if you don’t see anything you like in your size, send me a PM. I only have limited colors and knot options for now, but I hope to be able to offer many more custom options and eventually switch to mostly making custom items to the customer’s specs. When this happens, I will make a separate thread with all custom-ordering information. For now, PM me for any custom-order details.

To kick things off, all items below are at least $1 off what I would normally charge! Please see next post for items for sale!

About the Items and Products:

When deciding to do this, I wanted to do something that could separate my goods from other sellers’ items and not only offer the buyer a better item, but also give back to those around me. I decided to do this by sourcing all of the products that go into my items from American companies that make all of their products in the U.S.A. Thus, unless noted, ALL of my items are made with products 100% produced in the USA. On some of my earlier supplies I did not take the time to verify origin, and those ones will have a note saying such. However, all supplies I currently have in stock are Made in the U.S.A. This includes the paracord, buckles, keyrings and even the mailers I send them in.

All paracord is 7-strand 550 spec cord modeled directly after those produced for military applications. It is NOT that fiber-filled stuff that poses as 550 cord. While I wanted to offer 550 cord that was directly produced for the military, it is difficult to procure in small batch orders and is often not offered in any sort of color variety. I have tested multiple types of cord (including the stuff made for the military) and have found that the cord I’m currently offering to be the best combination of price, color variety, and quality; all of which benefits both me as the seller and you as the buyer.

Buckles are 5/8” contoured side-release styles. The drawback to this is that 2-color bracelets become basically non-reversible, however, they also allow greater comfort and asthetics. It is my hope to also offer non-contoured 5/8” buckles in the future for buyers of multi-color bracelets who want the ability to flip the bracelet over, as the coloring alternates on the flipside (outside color becomes inside color, etc.)

Single-cobra knotting (the most common kind) provides roughly 1’ of paracord for each 1” of knotting when unraveled. This means that the average bracelet can provide nearly 10’ of paracord in a survival situation, and nearly 70’ of light-duty strands if completely taken apart. Other knots provide different amounts of paracord per inch of knot, with double-cobra providing nearly 3” of paracord per 1” of knotting.

Keyrings are available in standard stainless, hammered finish stainless, and the MCB special - brass. Believe it or not, they all cost me within $0.15 of each other so it doesn’t make sense to me to charge more for one or the other. Take your pick. All keyrings are 1” in diameter.

Single color items provide a single longer length of paracord when unraveled. Two color items provide two shorter lengths of cord fused together in order to make the item. If purchasing purely for survival purposes, I would recommend single color items due to this fact. Also, two color items must cost more due to the higher complexity involved in securely fusing the cords together and making the item still come out and be aesthetically pleasing.

To complete the items, I burn the paracord ends into the surrounding knotting. This provides a secure finishing and is also fairly neat. Quite often, it does not compromise the integrity of the surrounding cord, and if it does, it is usually only the couple inches of cording on the ends of the full, unraveled cording. Buyers should not be concerned about this method compromising the item unless you find it aesthetically displeasing – which I can understand.

All bracelets are measured to the nearest .25” to their effective total length when secured to your wrist (i.e., overlapping buckle parts are counted such that the measurement is true to the measurement of your wrist). Buyers should order bracelets that are .75”-1” longer than their wrist measurement for comfort. Keychains are measured from end to end of the paracord section; not just the knotting but also the loop for the keychain.

My Guarantee:

I am confident that my craftsmanship and supplies will be of upmost quality should you need to use them in a survival situation. This leads me to offering my guarantee: If you use my product for a survival situation and ruin its original form, I will replace it at no cost to you. I simply ask that you submit a story of your survival situation and send back the remains of your original product. I will include a business card with your order containing my email; just send me an email to begin the replacement process if necessary.
If a product ever fails on you outside of a situation outlined above, simply email me and explain what is going on. I will do my best to supply a solution that I believe is fair to the customer.

Custom Order / Turnaround / Shipping Details:

Orders of pre-made products will usually be shipped within 2 days of receiving cleared payment (allow 3 days for orders going to Canada; I hate customs forms). However, occasionally normal life interferes with my best intentions. I will certainly do my best to keep buyers appraised of any major changes in plans regarding their order.

I will make all attempts to complete custom work within a week of establishing order details. Again, sometimes life sidetracks my best attempts at doing this and I will do everything I can to stay in contact with buyers regarding their orders. Larger items and specialty orders may require longer turn-around, and this will be communicated to the potential buyer.

Here's an idea of what else I can do - This one is a custom 58" radio holster strap w/ integrated mic holder, done for user volunteer paintball:

Final Words:
Congrats on reading all this. If I somehow managed to forget to address something, ask me whatever questions you may have and I will answer ASAP! Thanks for looking!
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