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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
doesn't matter, people need a nation to antagonize.

also, the whole point of outsourcing is to have it done cheaper and with lower quality. nobody would want to pay high dollar to import something that can be done domestically.

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
That second statement is more or less my point. Though to be fair, $69 retail is going to be low quality no matter the origin, so apparently I did not think that one through.

It is true that American made does not equal quality and vice-versa. There's a reason that 50% of quality profession terminology is in Japanese. Now...

Outsourcing IS to have it manufactured cheaper but NOT necessarily lower quality. Outsourcing is because of the reasons of cheaper raw materials and/or cheaper manufacturing.

Even when you pay the manufacturers overseas to builld something of the best quality you will ever see, it is still much cheaper than manufacturing something of similar quality in the U.S.

If you opt for the cheapest option, you'll get the product and the low quality. If you opt for the best option, you'll get the product and the high quality. Both still cheaper than manufacturing in house.

Source: Working with multiple companies, retailers, manufacturers, etc.

P.S. (Not allowed to say what companies) but I can honestly tell you most of the companies that produce tactical gloves for our troops and law enforcements have their gloves manufactured overseas (China including) because of the cheaper raw materials and manufacturing. But the quality is superb enough to be supplied and used by our protectors. (I know the guy who owns the manufacturer that manufactures for those companies)

Sorry for the long rant, it's just lots of people have the wrong idea about outsourcing. Heck, even those precious high quality and expensive Apple products are made in China...

About the FT-12, it is great that Tippmann opted out of the clamshell design and got rid of the bottom line for this. However, I think they could've done better on the quick access design such as doing away with the collar and using self-contained push pins like on the ARs that keeps the upper and lower receivers together. Great marker non-the-less PLUS Tippmann's great customer service pushes this marker even higher on the list of awesomeness (only awesome things can be on it).

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