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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Cooper-T ASA slide valve:

ASA Adapter.jpg
Cooper-T ASA Slide.jpg
ASA Adapter 1.jpg
Valve Cooper-T ASA Slide.jpg

90* ASA to ASA adapter:

Cooper-T 90 ASA to ASA Adapter.jpg

Cooper-T VM68 back-bottle kit (anno'd black):

Cooper-T VM68 Back Bottle kit.jpg
Cooper-T VM68 Back Bottle kit 1.jpg

Cooper-T back-bottom ASA kit, back-bottle ASA, and what looks like his stackable expansion chambers:

Cooper-T parts.jpg

Cooper-T brass 'Cocker detents:

Cooper-T Brass Cocker Detents.jpg

And a Cooper-T Valve X-Chamber. I'm not really sure what this is. It reminds me of the Teeter valve posted by Muffinman above:

Cooper-T Valve X-Chamber.png


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