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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
Oof remember to eat and not die!
I can totally wait, just was wondering if I should start looking for a used barrel or not. Also, as a side note, not really looking for a lot of length on these tips but not looking for crazy short that it makes it hard to clamp down when you thread 'em.
finding a used barrel to cut up... would make it faster/easier on me

(and we could get a few out of it!)

Originally Posted by 510waffles View Post
can i get an update on my barrel? Ive pmed you and maybe you missed them?
sorry for the slow response...
pluggin away at the shop right now

planned on getting the 4 BL/CP barrels done today, but went to try the new pads i made for them, still have .004-.006 of run out...

trust me on this one... you dont want that much runout in your barrel.... it causes problems

so im going to make ANOTHER set of pads tonight, after i try and get a few pieces outta the CNC lathe im setting up right now

now.... back to work!
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