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CriticalHammer...thanks for the post. Posting up myself this morning, just to offer thoughts on this compelling image.

Technically, this is a 10/10 for me. I love the contrast, color balance, sharpness...nicely done. Compositionally, I'm maybe a 9/10 because whatever is in the that a road?...confuses my eye and leads me to wonder what the subject is here. This may be, I think, one of those times where YOU know what that is, but the viewer--who lacks context--does not.

I like this image better with the bottom road cropped out...the simple, elegant repeating forms of the dunes and the sky delight the eye and bring ease to the viewer. For me, the foreground and pile at right work against that. But this is one viewer's comments and others' mileage may vary.

Here's an image taken at the beach, midday on a hot August afternoon with an IR-converted camera. The fog came up out of nowhere...the heat and haze gave the deserted shore an otherworldly aura:

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