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Yes, i have a current limiting supply that cost me way more than i wanted, but atleast it can go up to 60 amps, way more than i will need. Weird thing it does not allow me to set the voltage as indicated in the 720 rule calculator.. Also i've invested in titanium wire for the fixtures, and they work very well. Cleanlyness is key, and that's no problem so far. Watching all those youtube vids really payed off:

When you think it's clean, clean it some more. After that? clean some more, and to be absolutely safe... clean some more. (some guy that anodised his own made fountain pens)

I've done 3 runs so far, and these parts are out of the junk box, besides my mini maglite... Had it for 15 years, so it could use a fresh anno.
Yes! I love being in battle! I love the moment when my marker stops being a machine and becomes part of me! My blood boils and my mind goes all white! It's an incredible high! There's no time to think, only action!

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