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Ok nice, a fellow anodiser! The thing with my power supply is, that it either switches to constant voltage, or constant current. For the mini maglite i was aiming for atleast 12 volts, and 2A, but i only anodised for 60 minutes, so the layer could be on the thin side. I don't have the caswell manual, but one from a german supplier that is a bit weird... But i found caswell europe short after, so that is where i get my suplies from now.

The second run should have been run at 7,8A according to the 720 rule, but i did it at 10A - 12,1V for 72 minutes, and it turned out ok. With the maglite, i could set the power supply to constant voltage, but with the second batch it switched to constant current...

If i were to set the amps to the 720 rule, i would end up using like 8 volts... isn't that a little less? Or is amps more important than voltage?
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