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Originally Posted by doc Zox View Post
nice flag lazer

i wonder if i can get a shoop da woop lazered on?
I had something done on the other side as well, that'll have to wait until I can get my DSLR pics up though.

One thing I forgot to mention (blasphemy) is the trigger. The trigger on this thing is ridiculous. easily the best trigger I've felt on a paintball gun, light with a crisp break. I also like the built in overtravel stop. I'd compare it to a finely tuned 1911 trigger.

Haven't shot paint through it yet but running a 12g I could heaur the difference between the stock barrel, stock w/birdcage tip, and stock with whoosh cover.

I'm definitely going to run with a raincover, I just have to figure out the best approach.
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