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I am throwing my 007 up on the chopping block. I have used it heavily over the past couple of years, but since I bought a Rap4 pistol and just got a Phantom, this ol' beast hasn't seen much use.

It works great, but does look it age (minor pitting, slight rust etc.) I assure you however that it is in perfect working order.

This 007 no loger has the original upgraded internals. Several of the internals are aftermarket, but I am not sure of the manufacturer anymore. It had Lapco upgrades once upon a time, and I think some of the internals may still be Lapco ones. It sill comes with the Battle Grips and Brass Trigger shoe though. And the marker is stil 100% operational.

I gassed it up this morning and it chrono'd between 195-215 with no leaks.

The upgrades cost me almost as much as the marker itself, so I'd like to get $110 shipped in Canada, or $120 shipped to America. These prices are on the higher end of the Blue book Listing, but the prices do include shipping (this is heavy for its size after all).

I am willing to trade for Canon DSLR Lenses (I add $$$).

I can answer any questions you may have, just shoot me a PM.
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