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Thanks guys! My first fade ever, and i was amazed at the result!

@ Spider!: Interesting... I thought the voltage had to be at least above 12 volts to anodise. I'll try to do a run today on lower voltage, to see if that makes much difference. I did notice that during anodising the voltage drops slightly, but this is due to the anodised layer being built up.

I had some dye differences with different parts... In the picture, the J&J barrel tip and the parts on the bottom right were dyed with the same color.. Only the barrel tip is made from 6061, and the parts are 5754.. 5754 took alot of color in... Also the red heatsink was done separatly because it reacted a little funny to the lye... It stripped in moments, and created white flocks on the solution. I think it's a lower grade aluminum, and therefore did not catch the color well. (the original part was also not very colorfull)
I haven't used Rit dye yet.. (also not sure where to get it in the netherlands) I did get some powder dye from my german supplier, but i'm only ordering caswell dye from now on.

I do the same on my power supply, only difference is that with smaller batches, it automatically switches to constant voltage, because not enough amps are drawn. With larger batches it is the same like you describe.

I have always been curious on how splashes were made, what kind of masking medium do you use? I do have caswell masking laquer, but this stuff i kind of hard to remove.

Btw, this is my power supply (and air pump):

And my tank:

It's a 9.2 gallon (35 liters) cooler that i've modified a little. The insulation was removed, and hose barbs from a computer watercooling kit were added in the sides so i can run tap water trough it for cooling. The air line was made from 12mm PVC (about 0,5") and kathodes are 3mm alu tear plate. The Anode is made from 904L stainless steel. (one of the benefits of being a machinist at a machine factory)

For security i have the whole setup in a black tub, if for whatever reason it springs a leak. All of this is also in a wooden crate with a ventilation built in:

Oh, and if you ever have a sulphuric acid spill, use this to neutralise the acid:

My battery acid supplier came with this great tip!
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