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Ok so I figure after four to six years as Aviation Structural Mechanic I should cross rates to some cush landside job and knock out a few college business classes, start preparing to open up my own field. That or cross rates to Nuclear Engineer and just bring in oodles and oodles of money.
If you joined an MOS expecting it to pay dividends in the future don't be surprised when it doesn't or you Effin hate it. Keep your nose clean and work hard to make it work for you. The military is absolutely, 150%, what you make it do for you.

Stay out of trouble. Don't find yourself getting NJP. Don't worry about getting promoted before you get in. I was e-1 snuffy when I went to ft lost in the woods and got promoted to e-4 before my battle buddies that started out their army careers at e-3. Good luck!

Doesn't NAVY stand for Never Again Volunteer Yourself?


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