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Originally Posted by cdrinkh20 View Post
Well, I finally got out last weekend paintballing - first time in nearly a year! And I wore my spyridons all day no complaints at all, worked GREAT. Didn't step on anything harsh, and didn't care a bit about the mud and puddles. Normally, I'll step in a puddle with just one foot, and my shoe/sock will be soaked the rest of the day. Big pain in the butt...with these, I didn't play so cautious around puddles - wasn't afraid to step near or in them to get better views around corners.

My only problem is that I was still hurt from running for intervals more than 3x longer than what I was used to :P so I've been icing my foot and using tensor bandages...but as far as when I was playing I wasn't sore. Since I was recovering before, I hurt a fair bit after. Ah well, I'm young, I'll heal.

Definitely recommend giving it a go.

Though I should say I didn't end up going in the trees, stuck to the actions in the field, trenches, and buildings.
I am curious how the Spyridons stack up with the Treks. Either, I am sure, will be great, but it's my own curiosity.
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